Singapore: Baker & Cook @ Hillcrest


They say that the early bird catches the worm. I suppose that is usually true. After waking up in Brisbane at unearthly hours on weekends for breakfast, I somehow have the impression that I need to do the same in Singapore. Especially in places that don’t do reservations. As a result, I woke Fat Man up before 8am for breakfast at Baker & Cook, at Hillcrest. In order to do that, I also forced him to take a bus and then walk 15 minutes to the destination. The breakfast was supposed to be good enough to make up for this unwelcome morning wake up call.


Sadly, it did not quite meet his expectations. Also, the bakery cum cafe was empty. So much for being an early bird. We grabbed the seats facing the streets, which was in a cosy corner of the shop. Glancing through the menu, I opted for french toast while Fat Man had eggs benedict with bacon. The eggs were very nicely done, and the hollandaise sauce was good too. The chilli oil was also a nice touch as it adds some kick to the rich sauce. However, we do not like the toast which accompanied the eggs as they were way too tough and hard. The french toast was good, thick and custardy inside, heavenly with lemon curd and mascarpone. I give it thumbs up!

The coffees here were alright,  but nothing to shout home about. We wanted to get some pastries for takeaway, but the ones available failed to pique our interest. Also, I was slightly surprised that the bakery did not have a delicious scent of freshly baked bread like many others. In general, I think the food was decent, but with so many brunch / breakfast places to try, I think we will try out others next time!



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