Hong Kong: Urban Bakery Works


I was very excited when I knew that Urban Bakery is opening a proper cafe at Landmark. As I am not based in Hong Kong, I only managed to try it out not too long ago. There is alot of hype about this cafe, thanks to their very effective marketing and portrayal of the Urban Bakery as a very hip and cool one. I must say that Hong Kong is lacking of such bakeries as the current ones just seem abit dated.

I arranged to meet Fat Man there for lunch upon touching down. As I was worried that we may not be able to find a seat, I commissioned Fat Man  to go there earlier to grab a table. He did a good job! Being super hungry and super greedy (as usual), I ordered 2 sandwiches, duck confit for me and beef for him. In addition, I also got us a small size salad to fulfil our daily veggie intake. Queuing at the cafe is at best disorganized. There is no proper queue system and every counter has its own separate queue, which can be frustrating if you are buying from all of them. Just to get all my food, I had to queue 4 times since the duck confit sandwich has a separate counter from the sandwich one as well. Ridiculous. Thankfully, the food was delicious. The duck confit was very well seasoned, and was a perfect match with the toasted ciabatta bun. Fat Man’s beef sandwich was something he tried before so no surprises there either. As for the salad, customers can mix up to 3 types together. We got the caesar (which was slightly over dressed) and some orange pomegranate thingy. They were alright.

I would probably come back for a takeaway if I work around this area next time. The inefficient queue system is a bit of a bummer though. Still, I am looking forward to more creative sandwiches from UB. By opening next to Pret, they are definitely giving them a serious run for their money!



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