Singapore: River Safari

As Fat Man was in Singapore during the December holidays, I decided to check out the newly opened River Safari. The River Safari is located next to the Singapore Zoo in Mandai. When we reached there around 1, my heart sank when I saw the very long snaking queue. There were at least 100 people waiting to get tickets. The counter serves both River Safari and the Zoo. Thank god for online ticketing! I quickly went online via my phone and bought 2 tickets for the safari. Fat Man and I went in within 10 minutes.

Judging from the crowd in the safari, it was clear that most people were going for the zoo instead. When I went in, I was quite disappointed by the size of the place (as seen below). Still, we checked out the aquariums with enthusiasm. The theme in this safari is ‘rivers of the world’, featuring Congo, Mekong, Amazon and more. I feel that the idea is quite a good one, but the animals were largely limited, with most of them being fish. Also, there were not alot of animals in the cages / aquariums. For example, there was only one river otter. The poor thing must be feeling so lonely. The panda enclosure was also quite average, considering the hype around it. We only saw one panda hiding in a corner and the other one is nowhere to be seen. The smaller red pandas were quite cute though.

The highlight of the whole trip must be the manatees at the Amazon Flooded Forest area. The tank was huge! We spent quite some time there gazing at the (lazy looking) animals chomping on their greens. They looked very gentle and cute. Although we were told that the boat ride was full, but we did not realize that it meant that we will miss out on some animals which can only be seen via the ride. I felt really cheated as the staff did not communicate the information in a correct manner. The idea of a boat ride may be clever, with the river theme and all, but if this means that most people will miss out on animals then what is the point? I hope that the management will do something to rectify the problem as it really doesn’t make sense. It is noted that the River Safari website has further added that 85% of the animals can be seen without the boat ride. How about giving us a 15% discount for missing out then?


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