Bali: Sights + Attractions

Can’t say that my virgin experience in Bali was great. In fact I was slightly disappointed as the hotel we stayed in was quite terrible. I also noticed that the island is infested with mosquitoes. Perhaps it is due to the rainy season? We were smacking them practically everywhere we went (even in high end restaurants). This is a major drawback for me as I am super prone to mosquito bites. One thing both Fat Man and I agree is that the food is pretty decent here. We had great experiences in places like Merah Putih, Habitual and Bumbu Bali.

The beaches we have been to so far can’t be compared to the ones in Phuket and Krabi. In addition, I am also keen to visit other islands at Thailand. We did not visit the tourist attractions here such as the volcanoes or the rice paddy fields in Ubud. Perhaps we will do that next time. If we come back. The highlight of the trip must be when we saved the crabs trapped in a drain. If we didn’t get them out, they will surely die inside. We spent more than hour, slowly trapping them with my eco shopping bag, and gently getting the bag out gently through the drain grilles. This sparked the hotel staff’s interest and one of them came to help us in this crab saving operation. I am pleased to say that we saved all of them! Watching them scampering away on the beach was an awesome feeling. 🙂




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