Bali: The Chedi, Sakala Bali

Fat Man and I were pretty excited to check out Bali together for the first time. As this was my first time, I was not very familiar with the place and took quite some time to decide which area to stay in. I know that Seminyak is the more popular area and most shops and restaurants are there. However, I was afraid it was a little too touristy so I finally chose The Chedi at Nusa Dua, which turned out to be a mistake.

Firstly, The Chedi is really situated in Tanjung Benoa which is quite a few kilometres away from the activity in Nusa Dua. Needless to say, our area had nothing much. The surroundings were quite run down and dirty. As shown below, the pool area in the hotel was huge. Perfect for a workout or a leisurely swim. There is another pool across the road at Sakala Bali which hotel guests can use as well. The room has service apartment properties, with a small kitchenette and a living room. The room is big and tastefully designed, but does not have the luxurious feel. Also, the hotel is infested with mosquitoes and flies. I was bitten more than ten times during my stay! Also, the internet at the hotel is very troublesome as it logs off automatically once you put the phone on standby. Hence you have to log in again. We won’t be staying here again for sure!










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