Bali: Habitual – Quench & Feed

Before heading to Bali, I combed through Honeycombers Bali to check out the areas of interest, as well as dining places. I came to know of Habitual: Quench & Feed, a quaint little cafe in Kerobakan. It was known to do good brunches and one of the best eggs benedict on the island. Although it was a fair distance away from our area, I am glad that we made our way down. The cafe is not difficult to find, situated right across a rice paddy field.


Being a typical city dweller, I was very excited to see real rice growing. Sounds like a mountain tortoise eh? The thing is, I am not only interested in food, I am also interested in the source of food, cooking and food photography. Anyway, back to the cafe. When we were there, the tables inside were filled so we had to sit on the counter seats instead. We avoided the tables outside the cafe to hide from the sweltering heat and mosquitoes. Scanning other tables, we noted that there was at least one burger ordered at every table. For some reason, Fat Man didn’t want to try the eggs benny so we both ended up getting the burger. He got the simple burger with just cheese while I got the one with onions, cheese, bacon and mushroom. Oh yeah.

It turned out to be an awesome choice as the burgers were so good! The burger buns were slightly toasted, with fat and juicy patties inside. The hand cut fries were excellent too. The only problem was that my burger was too thick due to the amount of ingredients in it so I made a mess of my meal. At the end of the meal, I wanted to order pancakes but were disappointed they were not available. That was when the staff took out a box of cookies. Fat Man eyed it hopefully and I told him to go for it. The friendly staff gave us a plate of three, saying that it’s on the house. How nice is that!! The warm chocolate chip cookies were the soft type (Fat Man’s favorite!). We chowed down the cookies while strolling along the rice fields. Or I should say Fat Man ate them while I snapped pictures of farmers working in the heat.


We will definitely come back again if we come to Bali. Friendly staff, great food, what’s more to ask for? Last but not least, here is a picture of the rice fields for you readers. 🙂



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