Taipei: Dihua Jie Chinese New Year Street Bazaar (迪化街年货市场)

Our recent trip to Taipei couldn’t be more perfect. Super cold weather but no rain! With the opening of the various Chinese New Year markets, I stocked up on CNY goodies, lugging home bags of peanuts, seaweed snacks and even mandarin oranges! Fat Man and I visited one the biggest CNY street bazaar at Di Hua Jie to experience the CNY mood, Taipei style.

The streets were packed to the brim on the Saturday we were there. Taking a deep breath, Fat Man and I held hands tightly and braved through the crowd. Stalls selling mainly foodstuff littered both sides of the streets, with hawkers encouraging the crowds to stop and try out what they have to offer. There is also cheesy CNY songs blaring from speakers. The atmosphere is noisy and vibrant. For those who are hungry from CNY hauling, there are cooked food stalls peppered along the area with seats too allow you to rest your feet while you eat. We had a braised goose egg as a snack and got a hot drink to counter the cold weather.

As we walked along, we noticed that the stalls were pretty much the same, I suspect that some big brands bid for multiple stalls in the bazaar to capture a larger market share. Oh well. We walked the whole bazaar, taking about 2 hours. Along the way, I bought my snacks while Fat Man leisurely tried out the different samples people thrust in his face. With big bags in hand, we left the place satisfied but hungry for decent dinner away from the crowds.


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