Hong Kong: Tamashii Japanese Noodle (魂)


I avoided trying out this place for several years, due to my experience of being rejected twice as the ramen was sold out by the time I arrived. There were not as many ramen places then and Tamashii was surely one of the more well known ones.

Perhaps it was due to many media reports and bloggers raving about the ramen here, that my expectation of this place heightened to unrealistic levels. Of course, there is also that misleading long snaking queue, which automatically gives you the untrue idea that ‘if there is a queue, it must be good!’. All this compounded the belief that having ramen here would surely be a life changing experience and that after eating it maybe I can shed my current miserable life and reborn a whole new person. I dropped by last Friday at 1130am to ensure that I was the first few customers. There was no queue. To avoid looking desperate, I strolled around CWB for 20 minutes, and came back at 1150am. I was the first person in line. Shortly before 12, another customer joined the queue. The shop opened promptly at 12pm. After being seated in an incredibly cramped seat, I ordered the squid ink base ramen which comes with crab roe and edible gold flakes. I guess that the ramen joint had little dividers so that solo customers have some privacy but the area is already so cramped and by adding that I had to eat at an angle to avoid my chopsticks from hitting the dividers. Ridiculous!

My order came within 5 minutes. I tucked in eagerly. Needless to say, my life didn’t change after the first bite. Or the second. To be honest, it was quite average. After trying out many different ramen places in HK, the version at Tamashii was nothing exciting. The addition of a (pathetic) piece of gold flake may make it seem more grand, but in truth anybody can buy gold flakes from baking supplies store. To make it worse, I found hair in my soup. Even though the soup base was black, I spied the strand of hair when I was halfway through my noodles. Taking a quick glance at the kitchen, I noted that the cook does not cover his hair. Thank god for my good eyes or I would be eating the hair like the rest of the customers in the shop. Thoroughly disgusted, I paid and walked out without finishing my food. I will never bother to come back again. And neither should you.


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Tamashii Japanese Noodle (魂)

  1. Ew, ew, ew, hair in food is the WORST! I just got a strand in my Mexican take-out the other day and promptly lost my appetite. It’s pretty amazing you were able to spot in that black soup.

    1. Yes I HATE hair in my food!!!! I must say that I have quite good eyes and unfortunately that means I often spot hair in my food…. After the ramen I found hair in my hot pot and made them change the whole pot.

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