Bali: Merah Putih

I got to know about this restaurant through Honeycombers Bali. After further research on TripAdvisor, I decided to select this as one of the restaurants to try while we are in Bali, despite the distance from our hotel. To minimise travelling, I planned for a massage in Seminyak area at Chill Reflexology before walking around the shopping district then dinner at Merah Putih. Awesome way to spend a day in Bali!

The taxi driver was not very familiar with the area so we got a little lost. Along the way, we stopped to by one of the restaurants in the area and the security guard pointed us to the right direction. The entrance of the restaurant is dark and unremarkable. However, once you are brought into the restaurant, you will be presented with a spacious interior with high ceilings and modern decor. I thought that the bird cage like decorations on the mezzanine floor was pretty, and was telling Fat Man that we can consider having something like this in the lawn next time. Heh. We had a drink at the bar first as our table wasn’t ready yet. I really like my Kaffir lime Crush as it was very refreshing and had a great scent from the addition of passion fruit.

We were quite spoilt for choice when we pored through the menu. Although the menu wasn’t very long, there were quite a few things we wanted to order. Finally, we settled on veal tongue satay for starters, beef short rib and suckling pig for mains. In addition, we also ordered a side of vegetables and rice. The veal satay was beautifully presented on top of long bean salad (although the menu says its fern tip salad but it looks and tastes like long beans to us). It was pretty good, although I was expecting the meat to be a bit more tender. The texture was more springy.

The beef short ribs was definitely the star of the night. The beef was so tender and full of flavor. So rich, so good. Fat Man sung very high praises for it. I love the combination of the cilantro salad and ribs as the clean tasting salad helps to cut through the fat in the ribs. The suckling pig is a little on the dry side, but still delicious. The rice served here is a combination of red and white rice, ,which I thought was quite special. The desserts here are also very good. We were advised that the portions are small so we ordered 3 types to try. My favourite is the lime creme brulee paired with kueh lapis and nashi pear slices. The creme brulee only has a hint of lime, and went surprisingly well with the pears and kueh lapis. An interesting and sweet ending to our meal. Service at the the restaurant is quite good, and staff are polite, with a decent command of English.

As with other restaurants in Bali, I noted there are several flying bugs (some are mosquitoes) inside. Then again, I resigned myself to the fact that this must be a common sight in Bali, no matter where I go. Fat Man and I will definitely come back again when we visit Bali.


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