Hong Kong: Ma Sa Restaurant (孖沙茶餐廳)

In my recent visit to Hong Kong, I stayed at Bonham 99 again so Fat Man and I continued to explore the good places in Sheung Wan area. On Saturday, we were supposed to head over to Sai Kung to check out the puppies available for adoption at SPCA. Before setting off, we decide to have breakfast around the hotel area. Or I should say lunch, even though that was the first meal of our day. It was around noon.

Strolling about, I decided on Ma Sa Restaurant, a chaa chan teng around the corner. I tried out their iced lemon tea the night before and thought it was pretty good. Glancing at the walls, there were several magazine features of the restaurant and the signature dish is the char siew rice with 3 eggs. Usually, char siew rice in chaa chan tengs only have 1 fried egg. The problem with that is that there is not enough yolk to coat all the rice. 3 yolks will definitely solve this problem, so I guess that is the reason for this restaurant to do that. I ordered their signature dish while Fat Man had a fish burger. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the looks and taste of the fish burger. The bun was lightly  toasted and the fish fillet was fried to order. With the addition of mayo, lettuce shreds and tomato, this dish serves as a satisfying snack or a light lunch.

The char siew rice with 3 fried eggs came on top of a mountain of rice. The portion is definitely enough for 2. I wouldn’t advise you to eat 3 eggs at a time anyway. To lessen the guilt, I took out 1 egg yolk. I would call this dish comfort food. It is simply made with char siew and 3 fried eggs. I like it as it reminds me of what I would cook myself at home, fuss free but good. I spied other tables ordering fried beef noodles that looked really awesome as well and made a mental note to come back again the next time to try it. To me, chain eateries like Tsui Wah serves decent grub, but it is in these old school cha chan tengs where you find hidden gems.


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