Taipei: Dandy Hotel @ Daan Park (丹迪旅店@大安森林公园)

We stayed at Dandy Hotel (Daan Park branch) for 4 nights and was very pleased in general. As usual, I did some research before deciding on this hotel. As there are several Dandy branches, I pondered between staying at this Daan Park branch or the Tianmu one. Judging from the numerous good reviews on Trip Advisor (my trusted source for hotel reviews), I decided on the Daan Park branch. Another reason why I chose it was also because of the availability of a jacuzzi tub in the suite room. Do note that this room is only available if you book it directly from the website, does not have this room option (the last time I checked).

Advertised as a 3 star hotel, I was pleasantly surprised when I went up to the room situated on the 11th floor. It was huge, and had the view of Daan Park. The room is a long rectangular shape, with the bathroom taking up 40% of the whole space, due to the inclusion of the jacuzzi tub. The tub looks clean, and is big enough to hold 2 people at the same time. It was really cold during our time in Taipei, so Fat Man spent a fair bit of time submerged inside. Location wise, we love it too as it is right next to the metro exit (2 I think), and a 10 minute walk away from Yong Kang street. We also enjoyed feeding the squirrels at Daan Park and our brisk walk (I enjoyed it, though not him). The hotel rate comes with free daily breakfast, but sadly we didn’t manage to try it this time. Although we did try out the hole in the wall place right across the hotel. It serves a mean egg and bacon pancake roll! I would also encourage you to take a stroll in the winding streets near the hotel. We found a really chill cafe and enjoy a quiet afternoon there, nibbling florentines and hugging our coffee mug. Bliss.


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