Taipei: 陳根找茶


This place captured my interest when I saw mouthwatering pictures of gooey cheese and ham french toasts in another blog. Looks like the kind of place Fat Man and I will go for. This is also a typical breakfast in Taiwan, comprising of toast with a combination of pork floss, egg, bacon, ham or cheese.

Unlike Fu Hang Dou Jiang (阜杭豆漿), whereby it is best to go very early in the morning to avoid long queues and disappointment (horrors: shao bing all sold out despite queuing 1 hr!), we manage to snag a seat easily even though we were there after 10. There are not a lot of tables available, but the turnover is rather quick, as most patrons just eat and go. In terms of food items, you have a choice of pancake roll, french toast or normal toast. Fillings include cheese, floss, egg, bacon, tuna and ham. After some discussion, I ordered the floss and egg roll plus ham and cheese french toast. The original order was floss and egg french toast plus ham and cheese roll but I kinda changed my mind last minute (to Fat Man’s irritation). Both of us got milk tea as we wanted to have coffee else where.

I don’t really like the hot milk tea served here as it is very diluted and sweet. While waiting for our orders, we idly watched news on tv and chat about the latest happenings. The pancake roll was very enticing, with nicely toasted exterior and lots of floss inside. It tastes exactly as it looks. I have the idea that I can come up with something similar with roti prata. I may try doing that at home one day. The ham and cheese french toast came with a drizzle of honey on top so it is a savory dish with a hint of floral sweetness. I don’t really like the floral honey taste so this dish didn’t work for me. Still, we both agree the pancake roll is decent. I am not sure what is the hype about this place but it is only so so to me. It is unlikely we will make a special trip back again, but if we live around the area next time, we will drop by.



2 thoughts on “Taipei: 陳根找茶

  1. That french toast looks incredible especially with the honey drizzled on top. My sister-in-law is Taiwanese and she and my brother go there every year. I’ll have to ask them if this is what they’ve been eating for breakfast over there.

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