Taipei: Din Tai Fung @ Xin Yi branch (信義區)

Going to Din Tai Fung (DTF) in Taiwan seems to the must-do for all tourists. As our hotel was very near the flagship DTF, we dropped by for a late lunch one cold afternoon. Despite the fact that there wasn’t much of a queue, we were still given a queue ticket. Happily, we were seated within 2 minutes. Do not attempt to come here during meal times unless you are prepared to wait. I have seen hordes of tourists (coming by the bus load) here during lunch and dinner hours. My guess is that they probably booked the tables way in advance.



The menu here is similar to the one in Singapore, with slightly more dishes available. Fat Man declared that he wants the crab roe xiao long bao. Since it was my first visit, I got the original ones as well. I have always loved a good hot and sour soup, but hardly found any good ones around. The version found here is quite decent, though I added more vinegar to increase the sourness. Also, the soup is full of ingredients like black fungus, slivers of pork and tofu strips. Our meat and vegetable wantons in spicy chili oil was another winner. The version here is more delectable than the ones found in DTF Singapore. There was a discernible spicy kick to the dish and the wantons are huge! We really love the simple dish of stir fried veggies as well, although we have no idea what greens those were. Definitely never seen them in HK and SG before. The dan dan noodles we ordered was pretty good as well but not spectacular. I will try other noodles next time. DTF is definitely worth a visit when in Taipei, but I would rather come at odd hours than to wait in line during meal times.



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