Brisbane: Gyoza Bar Ann

Crispy gyozas cooked to order
Crispy gyozas cooked to order

It is my third time staying at Emporium hotel and only first time trying out Gyoza Bar Ann. Damn, should have done it earlier. I walked past this place many times, but it never really caught my attention. Thanks to my frequent travelling in the past year, I have put on a ridiculous amount of weight which I am desperately trying to shed. In a bid to me more health conscious, I try to eat more fish instead of my usual meat feast at places like Alfred & Constance. Gyoza Bar Ann is a pretty good choice, as they serve Japanese food in tapas serving size. That means that the portions are not big, but allows me to sample several different dishes.

Eggplant salad with miso sauce
Eggplant salad with miso sauce

My usual order would be the grilled salmon with a side of wasabi mayo, spicy gyozas and a salad. Although I also tried the eggplant salad with miso sauce. The eggplant portion was so ridiculously tiny that I won’t order it again, though taste wise it was okay. The salmon here is pretty good, although using the words ‘grilled’ would be technically wrong since they were pan fried. The wasabi mayo sauce goes well with the salmon. The star dish is definitely the spicy gyozas, which I feel is possibly better than the ones I had at Harajuku Gyoza. These little nuggets are filled with spicy pork, leek, ginger and shallots. Do note that the spice does pack a punch, so for those who can’t take spicy stuff, I suggest you order the original ones. So maybe gyozas are not exactly diet food, but then again, that tiny portion wouldn’t make a difference. (I hope. ) I have also tried their green salad, which come with home made vegetable chips. When you get a takeaway, they even wrap the chips separately so that they won’t go soggy. Service staff are very polite at all times. Just 3 minutes away from the hotel, this is definitely one of my go to place for dinner when I am in Brisbane.

Salmon with wasabi mayo
Salmon with wasabi mayo

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