Taipei: Mao Kong (貓空)

Hello Kitty x Mao Kong Station

I was initially drawn to this place due to its unusual name. According to Wikipedia, the name ‘Mao Kong’  came about from the description of rocks with indentations due to them being washed continuously by running river. The formation is known as ” 壺穴”, which is known in Taiwanese Hokkien as ” 皺空”. This in turn sounds similar to “貓空” and hence this name stuck.

Hello Kitty cable car

In addition, I saw the advertisement on Mao Kong x Hello Kitty, which is kinda cute. Okay, very cute as you can see from the photo above. Mao Kong station is actually situated on top of the mountain and you can get there via the gondola (with uber cute Hello Kitty patterns). The gondola also stops at Taipei Zoo station, where you can get off to see the adorable baby pandas. As the gondola continues up the mountain, you get to see the whole view of Taipei, especially the Taipei 101 tower, sticking out like a sore thumb. Honestly, the 101 tower is so much taller than the rest that I always see it eerily peeking out wherever we go. There are lots of teahouses and cafes around Mao Kong. They mostly located around the edge of the mountain, so that visitors can take in the scenery while chilling with a cuppa. We were there in the late afternoon, an took a leisurely stroll around the area. A friendly dog made acquaintance with Fat Man, before it continued its way. We managed to find a spot at the cafe and caught the sunset just in time. Mao Kong is definitely a place we want to return as we didn’t see too many of the other sights yet.

Eateries along the route
Friendly dog we met along the way
Sunset at Mao Kong
Peanut butter thick toast we had while chilling at the cafe.
Peanut butter thick toast we had while chilling at the cafe.



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