Brisbane: The Little Larder

Kale & pesto scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and sourdough toast

This cafe tucked in one of the side streets off Brunswick was a gem. The first time I went there was for an early breakfast to beat the crowds. The food was good enough to convince me to go back again for lunch the subsequent weekend. My breakfast of choice always includes smoked salmon and preferably eggs too. Hence, it was a no brainer for me to order the kale and pesto scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast.

I reached the cafe slightly before 8 on a Saturday, so the place was only half full. The staff was friendly and indicated that I could sit at any of the two seaters. Looking around, I opted for the outdoor high bench facing the quiet road. Swinging my legs idly, I read my novel and sipped my piccolo latte while I waited for my breakfast. When it finally arrived, I was surprised by the size. It was big! Even for Australian standards. I prefer my scrambled eggs slightly on the creamy side whereas the version here is cooked through but they were still good, with the addition of pesto and kale. The generous serving of smoked salmon went perfectly with the eggs, though the side of tomato sauce was quite random. I left it alone.

Beetroot, celery and carrot juice

In my second visit on the following Sunday, I sat at the same spot. The cafe was also half full on that afternoon. Glancing through the lunch offerings, I got fish and chips, after spying what other diners were having. Instead of my usual coffee, I got a juice instead. The freshly squeezed beetroot juice was a welcome respite on that warm summer day. The fish and chips came with skinny fries, which I much prefer over the usual aussie style thick chips. They were also doused with a generous amount of paprika. Yum. Fat pieces of beer battered barramundi were freshly fried and still steaming when served. The crunchy outer layer gave way to succulent fish within, dip with their homemade aioli and I am in heaven.  After polishing off my lunch, I sauntered off with a full tummy. Time for dessert!!

Fish & Chips with homemade aioli
Fish & Chips with homemade aioli

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