Hong Kong: Yardbird

Chicken liver ... bbqed to perfection
Chicken liver … bbqed to perfection

Yardbird is an achingly hip place in Sheung Wan area. It is also one of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. As though that really means anything. I don’t usually go for restaurants in the who’s who list but I kinda like Yardbird. The meal was a treat to myself for doing reasonably well in my job. After missing in action in Hong Kong for the past  6 weeks, I was happy to be back to enjoy the cool weather. I have always wanted to come back to Yardbird after the first time I tried it in 2012. It suits us that this place have a no reservations policy, as we arrived a little before 7 on a Thursday evening. There were still quite a few tables left, though they get filled up quite quickly after 730.

Chicken oyster... one of the more flavorful parts of the fowl.
Chicken oyster… one of the more flavorful parts of the fowl.

To start off, I had a ginger ale to quench my thirst. The brand offered here is Wilkinson, which is a japanese brand that I never tried before. It was dry and gingery, without being too sweet. I likey much! I made a mental note to check it out the next time I pass by City Super. Recalling that the corn tempura served here were quite good, we ordered them again. Since the main dishes here are grilled skewers of all parts chicken, we randomly ordered a bunch. On top of that, we got the scotched egg and shisho duck fried rice.

Interesting item on menu - (deboned) chicken rib
Interesting item on menu – (deboned) chicken rib

My favorite dish of the night is definitely the chicken liver. With a smear of tare and sansho, it was grilled to perfection. Slightly crisp exterior that breaks open to a wobbly interior which is rich in taste. Oh wow. I can eat this every day. Coming to a close second is the scotch egg. The version here is very well done, with a runny egg yolk and a crunchy exterior. The drizzle of kewpie mayo adds to the richness of this dish. I am gonna try making this at home one of these days! The damper dish of the night is shisho duck fried rice. The pungent sent of shisho leaves (which was sprinkled liberally over the rice) did not quite match the actual taste of the rice. In simple terms, what you smell differs largely from what you taste. That was kind of odd to us. As always, the yakitori dishes here are largely good to excellent. Most interesting item we got that day was the chicken rib, which was thankfully deboned already. From the skewer itself, you won’t realise that is the rib area, but the chewy texture gave itself away. Fat Man enjoyed that very much.

I don’t mind coming back to this place every now and then as I feel the food is mostly well executed, albeit a little on the pricey side. Fat Man on the other hand things that the value is quite poor even though the quality is decent. He says he will bring me to another yakitori place to try out. Till then!

Scotch eggs, a must order dish here!
Scotch eggs, a must order dish here!

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