Brisbane: Mighty Mighty Cue & Brew

Cola lamb ribs with hush puppies
Cola lamb ribs with hush puppies

Firstly, excuse my poor quality photos as I did not bring my camera out. My photos definitely don’t do the food here justice. It has been a little less than a year since I first visited Brisbane and I must say Fortitude Valley is quite different from last year. After Alfred & Constance,  good number of restaurants has sprouted in the area and that’s awesome for me, since most of them are walking distance from the Emporium hotel where I usually stay.

Mighty Mighty opened its doors late last year in the spanking new M&A precinct on McLachlan Street. Riding on the wave of sprouting American eateries, Mighty Mighty features American BBQ. Meat lovers rejoice! I came here twice with my colleagues, trying both the signature cola lamb ribs and BBQ beef short ribs. Both were excellent choices. The lamb ribs were the most tender and most flavourful I ever had. The bourbon like sauce that came with it was slightly spicy and thoroughly delicious. The sides that come with the ribs are hush puppies and peach. According to my American colleague P, he says that hush puppies are actually cornbread that are battered and fried till crisp. Sadly the version here is quite disappointing as it was more like mushy cornbread that was fried.

The BBQ beef short ribs were ridiculously good as well. You can easily pick the meat off with a fork. Instead of the sweet potato fries that originally come with the dish, I opted to get potato salad. The salad was also not very good, as there were more apple than potato inside. Other sides we tried included shoestring fries (very good), jalapeno corn bread (average) and sourdough cob (good). On top of good meat, Mighty Mighty also have an extensive drinks list, with lots of US and Australian craft beers. For non beer drinkers, there are also whiskey and scotch, as well as some cocktails. Service wise, it is not very consistent. The second time we were there, the main course took more than half an hour to come, even though the restaurant was only half full. Servers were often distracted and failed attend to us even though we waved frantically at them. Still, it is still worth coming back because the meats are that good.

BBQ beef short ribs with potato salad
BBQ beef short ribs with potato salad

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