Hong Kong: Shing Kee Noodles (盛記盆菜&盛記麵家)

Our first time trying an herbal soup base
Our first time trying an herbal soup base

This place has several identities. It is a cha chaan teng in the day, famous for its noodles while it serves hotpot at night. In addition, I believe they also take orders for 盆菜 during Chinese New Year period. I have not tried their lunch menu and hence cannot confirm if their noodles are really good. Having heard lots of good things about their hotpot, I was eager to try that out instead.

Shing Kee is located Lek Yuen Estate Market in Sha Tin. Our trip there was full of mishaps. Firstly, Fat Man tried to follow Google Maps and it brought us to into someone’s personal property at some secluded hill side area. We hastily reversed out before we were caught. Checking the address again, we finally got to the right place. Going into the car park, we realised that we didn’t have an Octopus card on hand. It was too late by the time we realised that as we were already at the gantry and it was impossible to reverse out since there was a car behind. Argh. Sheepishly, Fat Man pressed the intercom for help. Eventually, we were let in anyway. Walking around the nearly deserted estate, it took us a while to find Shing Kee as it was situated at the basement area. The design of the shop is quite eclectic, with a mix and match of different furniture and decorations.

Chicken marinated in hua diao wine

I made a mistake of getting the herbal hua diao chicken soup base as I forgot momentarily that Fat Man is not a fan of herbal stuff. As always, we got a plate of local hand cut beef slices, as well as tried out various balls and dumplings. Mindful of the fact that the soup base already come with chicken, we did not want to go overboard with our ordering. I learnt the lesson that ordering chicken is not a wise choice for hotpot. Due to the ever present of bird flu in Hong Kong, it is always advisable to ensure that the chicken meat is thoroughly cooked before eating. By doing this, the chicken wasn’t very good as the meat was too tough after we boiled it in the soup. Also, the chicken wasn’t marinated well enough in the hua diao wine. I like the beef as the slices were thick enough and it had a strong flavor. However, Fat Man felt the beef was tough. The oyster dumplings here are exceptional. The mix of oysters and pork in the dumpling went very well together.

We were nearly finished up with our meal when a staff remarked that we should add all the hua diao wine that came with the chicken into the pot. That made the soup SUPER! I had quite a few sips of it after that. Service was was okay and clearly most of the patrons were regular customers. I was a little disappointed considering the many praises I heard about this place. Quality of food was maybe mildly above average but not the best we had. Then again, the prices here are also more friendly on the wallet so I suppose we can’t complain too much.

Beef slices
Beef slices

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