Singapore: Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Jumbo pork tonkatsu
Jumbo pork tonkatsu

I declare this place the best tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore. Unlike the other chains such as Saboten (which I used to love alot) and Tonkichi, I feel that Ma Maison’s version as a more personal touch to it. For example, the miso soup here is filled with vegetables and beancurd (tau pok). Clearly, they don’t stinge on ingredients to make soup unlike most restaurants that just offer you diluted miso soup with a few sorry cubes of tofu. They also offer brown rice as an option for those who wants something healthier.


I tried to make a booking for this place on Thursday and was disappointed to know that it was fully booked for Friday. However, the staff advised that I could walk in, and wait in queue. We decided to do that and reached the restaurant at around 730. There were at least 10 people in queue. Surprisingly, we were seated within 15 minutes. J complained about how hungry he was and proceeded to order the jumbo portion of rosu tonkatsu (250g). Conservatively, I got the small portion (120g) of more expensive hire tonkatsu, which is the pork loin if I am not mistaken. In addition, I also got my favorite oyster and a crab croquette to share with J. Our Asahi beers arrived quickly and we drank up, enjoying the start of another weekend. While I agonised over the decision to accept the new job, our food were served. J’s jumbo size tonkatsu was only slightly bigger than mine in size, but it was much thicker. Both our pork fillets are tender, except for J’s version, there is a layer of fat on one side while mine is all lean.

Our side orders came in a dish on its own. The oysters were fat and succulent with a crunchy coating. Most importantly, they were not overly cooked. J’s prawn was good too. The major disappointment of the night must be the crab croquette. That was a total rip off. Firstly, it was only slightly longer than my oyster. When I saw it, I was a bit dubious as to whether they got our order wrong. Biting it open, the inside was gooey with no sight or taste of crab. I can’t even describe what taste it was. At $10, I lament we should have gotten 2 more oysters and still get some change back. This is definitely the place for tonkatsu when we have a craving, but we will steer clear of the blasted crab croquette! Pffft!

Prawn, oysters and crab croquette
Prawn, oysters and crab croquette

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