Hong Kong: Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant (富聲魚翅海鮮酒家)

Main purpose of coming here
Main purpose of coming here

As part of my bonus payout celebration, I gave Fat Man a chance to choose where he wants his meal. After thinking hard, he decided on Fu Sing as he missed his favorite char siew from the restaurant. He also claimed that he hadn’t had a proper yum cha session in a while. Fu Sing is also known to be one of the “rich men’s canteen”, so don’t be surprised if you spot celebrities or socialites sitting near you.

After a short shopping session, I met him at the restaurant itself in Wan Chai. As I am not very familiar with the area, I made a mistake of taking the MTR, resulting in me having to cross a hundred streets (ok, more like five) to get to the destination. As Fat Man had to rush back to office afterwards, I told him to order the food first. So he ordered like a million items. Hmph. When I arrived, the table was already laden with dim sum, with more to come. Tsk! The restaurant was filled to the brim during lunch hour, and atmosphere was noisy as almost everybody is talking at the same time. This is a very typical scene not unlike what you see in TVB dramas.

Har Gao
Har Gao

The char siew was up to its usual standard, a good mix of fatty parts and meat, with sticky honey glaze and a almost buttery taste. It is this unique taste that bring customers back repeatedly. Honestly, I like it, but I don’t love it the way others do. I like mine done the traditional way. The plump shrimp dumplings (ie har gao) are pretty good too, translucent little parcels filled with shrimp and bamboo shoot. I also like their ham sui kok, which is essentially a mix of meat, mushrooms and other stuff wrapped in a glutinous rice pastry and deep fried. Less than satisfactory items included the wantons in chili oil, which was quite bland and not spicy at all. The fried XO rice rolls were a little dry and stuck to each other, but that could possibly be due to the fact that they were served up quite early on when I haven’t arrived.

Despite the hits and misses, we will come back again. Just have to order more carefully. From memory, their salted yolk custard buns were fabulous!

Ham sui kok
Ham sui kok

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