Singapore: A Noodle Story (超好面)

All this for only $6.50
All this for only $6.50

My office is located at Asia Square. The relentless sunny weather makes the walk to Amoy Food Centre seem much further than it already is. Despite this, I make a point to go there to get my lunch several times a week, due to the sheer variety of choices available. Not to mention also how cheap it is as well, compared to Food Garden downstairs.

Like many other countries, Singapore faces a crisis of having lack of hawkers who are willing to cook Singapore style food the traditional way. For example, when I was a child many places sell fishball noodles with red and white fish cakes. My recent visit to Scissor Cut Hainanese curry rice left me disappointed as the taste was not as good as before. That being said, there is now also a new generation of hawkers serving up modern and fusion food in the hawker centre environment, which cost a fraction of what you would have paid in a restaurant. A Noodle Story is one of them. Opened by 2 noodle lovers, the stall touts Singapore style ramen, with ingredients like wantons, Japanese style cha shu and onsen egg. Think deluxe version of your wanton mee. Be prepared to wait if you come during lunch hour as the queue can crawl quite slowly. Everything is cooked to order so be patient.

As I was quite hungry, I got the $6.50 version (the small portion is $5.50), which came with a fried potato covered prawn, whole onsen egg, wantons and 3 slices of pork. The portion was quite big. Taste wise, I think it was pretty good, though the chili can be spicier. The sauce they use does remind me of wanton noodles although I would prefer the more traditional ‘mee kia’ style noodles and not the ones they use at this stall. Still, this stall is a breath of fresh air as compared to the typical offerings at hawker centres. While I lament on the slowly disappearing traditional taste in Singapore, I do also welcome new ideas in our ever evolving local food scene.


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