Singapore: Mex Out

Trio of tacos
Trio of tacos

Another lunch review in CBD area. Met my junior college buddy JC for lunch and he suggested Mex Out at Far East Square area. I am always happy to try something new, so I bravely walked over in the hot afternoon sun. Phew. Arriving promptly at 12.15, I hurriedly sat in the only table left indoors. The shop space is not big, with a self service counter and some tables. Both JC and I went for taco trio. I got the soft corn tortilla with carne asada and pulled pork filling. For salsa, I chose mango pineapple and salsa verde respectively. I also added a dollop of guacamole. JC went for char grilled chicken instead.

The fillings are quite tasty, especially the combination of carne asada (which was essentially ribbons of flank steak marinated with cliantro, cumin and ancho chilis) and salsa verde. It can be a bit more spicy though. The mango pineapple salsa is refreshing, and went well with my pulled pork taco too. The guacamole could do with more salt and lime though. I tasted mostly avocado and bits of onions. The problem with these tacos are that the shells don’t hold the wet ingredients well. By the time we go back to our table, the tacos were soaked through and broke before I brought them to my mouth. Half my guacamole ended on my tray. To have to eat it with a fork and knife kind of defeats the purpose to me. With the addition of one drink, the bill came up to nearly $20 per person. Not exactly a cheap lunch, especially when the portions are not huge.


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