Singapore: Nara Thai (Ion Orchard)

Tiger prawn yellow curry
Hailing from Bangkok, I have been eyeing this Thai restaurant with a certain level of interest. Although there are many Thai restaurants in Singapore, I haven’t quite found one that captures the flavors offered in Thailand. Some are quite close, but not totally. Then again, I understand that these restaurants may not be able to obtain all the ingredients required, or need to tweak the menus to suit Singaporean taste buds.

Anyway, we were planning to celebrate my aunt’s 60th birthday so we decided to bring her here for a meal as she loves Thai food. I tried to make a booking a week in advance to avoid queuing on a Saturday. However, I was informed that there is a no reservations policy during weekends at the restaurant. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers. We arrived at 1230pm on Saturday and the restaurant wasn’t even half full. The menu is quite extensive, ranging from seafood to meat dishes. For those who prefer something simple, there are also fried rice or noodles to choose from. We opted to get some dishes to share with rice as well. The more outstanding dish of the day would be the tiger prawn yellow curry. The decent size prawns were bathed in mildly sweet curry, which went great with rice. Another dish I really like is the stir fried eggplant with minced meat. There is a very homely feel to the dish, pretty much something my mom can cook up at home. However, both dishes can be spicier though. Uninspiring dishes included Thai fish cakes, which were quite hard and not very tasty. The crunchy pork balls we had were also too hard for our liking.

Staff here are very friendly and quick to respond to our needs. Possibly because the restaurant wasn’t very full to begin with. For example, I requested for a Thai iced tea with less sugar. When the tea came, it was still too sweet for me, and the staff quickly offered to replace it. Also, they helped my mom when she had trouble unscrewing her cough syrup. While there is nothing wrong about Nara Thai, we are unlikely to return, as there are so many choices out there. While I may not be fully confident of making my own yellow curry, I can definitely stir fry a mean dish of eggplant and minced meat at home.

Eggplant with minced meat stir fry
Eggplant with minced meat stir fry

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