Singapore: Hua Ting Restaurant (華廳)

Dim sum galore at Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel
Dim sum galore at Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel

I have always wanted to try the dim sum at Hua Ting, after hearing lots of good things about it over the years. Checking my credit card rewards the other day, I decided to redeem some Orchard Hotel vouchers and head over with mom and aunt for lunch. We were quite late due to a traffic jam, but the restaurant kept our table for us. Then again, it wasn’t as if they were operating at full capacity. Scanning through their menu, we opted for the a la carte dim sum menu, and got a egg white, crab and salmon roe fried rice.

I quite like the pan fried carrot cake, with its crispy exterior giving way to the soft interior with shreds of radish visible. The salted yolk and custard buns were also good, though my aunt felt they were too sweet for her liking. The filling is molten and hot, so be very careful when biting into the bun. You may likely end up with a ruined shirt as the stains are quite impossible to get rid of. The chives added fragrance to the fried rice, which was gently flavored. The fat balls of salmon roe was a clever way to add some savory taste to the dish. The prawn toast was a bit of a disappointment though, as the base was soggy. Definitely not something I will order again. I also did not like the dessert very much as I felt that it wasn’t necessary to add sago to the walnut soup. In addition, the skin of the black sesame dumpling was way too thick. The rest items we order were up to the usual standard but nothing outstanding. Surprisingly, our meal came up to less than $100, which is considered quite cheap, considering the restaurant being a fine dining establishment. I am not quite tempted to come back again, but won’t rule out the possibility of trying out their dinner menu some other time.


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