Singapore: Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

Demi the American shorthair

I am a 100% cat lover. I remember vividly when I was young, I never pass up the chance to stroke a stray cat. Somewhere in the background, I will hear my mom ranting,” Stop that! So dirty!!!” That happens even till this age. I guess some things just don’t change. I have always wanted a cat but my parents hate them so this is a dream which has never been fulfilled. Hopefully, my move over to Hong Kong will change this cat-less situation.

Cafe counter
Cafe counter

Needless to say, I was delighted when I found out that a cat cafe opened up in Boat Quay. This is a also great addition to the Singapore cafe scene. Knowing better than to show up with no reservations, F called them a week beforehand to make reservations for a Saturday afternoon rendezvous with the cats. Cafe guests can only enter the cat area barefooted. Shoe racks are available near the counter. Armed with our cameras, we trotted into the cat area, careful to close the glass doors in case any felines decide to escape. Most of the cats were asleep. However, this doesn’t stop us from snapping away at the dozing furballs. We note that the cats are definitely friendlier with the cafe staff and largely ignored patrons. There were some that slept through out the 2.5 hours we were there. Still, they were okay with us petting them while they snooze. My favorite is the silver american shorthair with beautiful stripes named Demi. She slept by the window throughout our time there, and don’t throw a hussy fit at patrons who placed toys on her back. Another stand out kitty is the 2 face Jia Jia, whose face is half ginger and half tortoise shell, the prints on her fur are quite special too. The cats have a choice of staying in the area with cafe guests or they can escape via a tunnel to their own rest area. Robbie came out briefly and was overwhelmed when he found himself surrounded by people taking photos of him. F managed to take a picture of him looking shocked before he scuttled back into the rest area again.

Unique looking Jia Jia

The cat cafe charges by time, with first hour at $12 and $5 for each subsequent half hour. Drinks and food are charged separately. When eating or drinking, do be careful not to spill or drop crumbs, as the cats may ingest it. They should NOT be fed our food at all times. As I just ate before coming, I didn’t order any of the desserts available, neither did F. My iced chocolate was pretty okay though. I hope that the cafe can bring more awareness to the plight of stray cats, that more people would show more kindness and tolerance towards these feline strays loitering around. Like you, they have a right to stay where they are too.

Enclosed cat area
Enclosed cat area
Zzz Zzz
Ice chocolate
Ice chocolate
Emma watching the world go by
Emma watching the world go by



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