Singapore: Bella Pizza


This is a backdate post from my visit to Bella Pizza last month. Haven’t seen N in the longest while after starting my job. Then again, it didn’t help that her office moved to Tampines either. That is a no man’s land to me. Anyhoos, with my upcoming move to Hong Kong, we met up at Robertson Quay for dinner on a Friday. Craving for pizza, N suggested Bella Pizza saying that they have some yummy ones. I know of Bella quite a long time ago, though I never tried it before.

Thinking that Robertson Quay wasn’t too far away(after all its just after Boat Quay and Clarke Quay), I decided to walk over from Asia Square. This proved to be quite a mistake as I ended up brisk walking for 35 minutes. By the time I reached, I just wanted to flop on the chair and have a drink. From the direction I came from, I passed by Bella Pasta first. Thinking that this is the right place, I told the staff about my reservation and they nicely told me that perhaps I should head over to Bella Pizza which is 2 doors down. Apparently they are sister restaurants. As to why they would open up so close to each other is a real mystery since they are SO EMPTY on a Friday evening. Oh well. We started off with a mojito each. Mine was okay but N’s cocktail was probably half filled with mint leaves. The bartender probably made both portions today, pouring out mine first, so most of the mint went to hers. Fail. Our starter dish of baked eggplant with cheese was spot on. This has always been one of my favorite dishes when I go to an Italian joint. Next came our pasta arrabbiata, which was pretty much in the opposite direction as compared to the previous dish. The sauce was not spicy at all and tasted nothing but just plain tomato sauce. Bleah.

The chicken and avocado pizza arrived shortly and was just as uninspiring. I wish there was more sauce on the pizza and more ingredients too. From the picture, you can tell there were just a few sad pieces of avocado (which was sliced quite thickly) and chicken. I think the total price came up to over a hundred, which is quite expensive considering the quality. Extra Virgin definitely does a better job at pizzas.


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