Singapore: Ichiban Boshi Grand Kaisen (Ngee Ann City)

Chirashi don for my old man
Chirashi don for my old man

It’s my dad’s birthday! This time, I bring my parents to Ichiban Boshi Grand Kaisen at Ngee Ann City for dinner since he is a total Japanese food fan. It is funny how Ichiban Boshi has been at that taxi stand location for a long time but we just never got down to going there. Maybe it is because it is located out of Ngee Ann City building itself (sort of) so it is out of my radar. As many knows, Ichiban Boshi has a chain of Japanese restaurants with different concepts in its various locations. The Grand Kaisen here features premium seafood, boasting fresh ingredients.

Whole eel sushi
Whole eel sushi

As we reserved a table earlier, we were seated pretty promptly. However, dad preferred one of the tables with access to the sushi conveyor belt. The friendly staff obliged with no questions, and looked out for a table for us so we could move. We ordered a main course each and proceeded to examine the dishes on the conveyor belt. My parents chose most of the sushi while just conveniently stole pieces from their plates. As there is no birthday cake for dad, I got him a piece of his favorite eel sushi, which featured the full length of an eel with two mounds of rice. It was pretty impressive looking. At $9 a piece, I would say the price is reasonable. Part of my dinner set arrived shortly. The assorted sushi and sashimi set was pretty fresh, except I did not like the oysters as they were very tough. I was expecting fresh oysters, but I think these were the frozen ones. Urgh. Mom’s udon was served in a claypot and it looked pretty good, though I did not try it. Dad was full of praises for his chirashi bento rice as well. My zaru soba’s presentation was a little lacking, as it was served on a melting pile of ice and was overcooked as well. The chawamushi was silky smooth, with bits of chicken inside. In general I think Ichiban Boshi serves satisfactory¬†Japanese food at reasonable prices. Don’t expect high end Japanese food here of course, but for a mid range Japanese dinner in a decent environment, I will definitely be back again.

Sushi and Sashimi assortment
Sushi and Sashimi assortment

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