Singapore: Flower Dome & Cloud Forest @ Gardens by The Bay

Waterfall at entrance of Cloud Forest
Waterfall at entrance of Cloud Forest

During my weekly runs around CBD, it is not uncommon for my friends and I to run in Gardens by the Bay and past this 2 iconic domes. ‘Wow! The hibiscus is as big as my face!!! They are like growing monster plants in there’, I remarked one day while running. F just rolled his eyes and ran off while I pressed my face against the glass walls, looking at the big ass flower.


Flipping through the papers the other day, I saw an advertisement on Tulipmania 2014 at Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay. I recalled Mom talking about tulip festival in Holland. Since we can get a look at these flowers without flying 12 hours, I decided to go  check the blooms out with her on Saturday. It was a very hot day so by the time I reached the entrance of Cloud Forest I was already sweating buckets. Once admitted, we were greeted by the sight of a waterfall-like display. The gush of cool air and mist instantly lowered my body temperature. Ah…. I can sit in here for a while. We strolled about the garden, studying the flowers and plants, many which we never seen before. There were also lots of information on conservation for visitors.


We went over to Flower Dome afterwards. There were much more people as they were there for the tulips. The bed of tulips was very pretty and some were already in full bloom. I reckon that they don’t last very long as there were some freshly planted ones. The gardeners probably re-plant every now and then during the whole exhibition. From now till 4 May, catch Tulipmania at Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay!

Pitcher Plant




Fully open tulip
Fully open tulip




3 thoughts on “Singapore: Flower Dome & Cloud Forest @ Gardens by The Bay

  1. I loved the Cloud Forest Dome, but was a little underwhelmed with the Flower Dome. Looks like you took some good pics though. For me, Gardens by the Bay is now one of the top attractions in Singapore. I always visit when I’m there!

    1. Yes, I also agree that the Flower Dome seem a bit more empty, though the tulip exhibition did make it worthwhile to visit. Thanks 🙂

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