Singapore: Pasarbella

Tough steak - classic case of quantity over quality.
Tough steak – classic case of quantity over quality.

During one of my runs last week, F and I had a pit stop at Pasarbella where I spied a hotdog stall that looked really promising. Since Fat Man is in town during the May day holidays, we headed down for lunch. Sadly, the stall has closed down!!! I was quite surprised, considering I was there less than a week ago. Oh well. We explored the whole place, and tried to figure out an alternative lunch option. As it was a holiday, the place was packed with patrons. There were not much tables around so it was not easy to find a place to sit down either. We finally found a table and took our seats thankfully. Here is what we had.

James’ Butchery & Co – Fat Man was tempted by the word ‘steak’ so he opted for the angus ribeye steak. At $39.90, the steak was not cheap, considering it was self service and many parts of it was rather tough. Granted, it was certainly a generous slab, but totally not worth the price. We were quite disappointed, especially since this place specialises in meats.

Caribbean Sea Salt Deli – I was attracted to the huge pork knuckles, chicken and beef displayed at the stall so joined the queue and patiently waited for my turn. I initially wanted to get the 3 meat combo after staring at the mustard coated beef (which looked AMAZING). However, after seeing a customer in front of me ordering the pork knuckle, I switched sides immediately. The lady preparing the pork knuckle will first remove the skin and drop it into the deep fryer, before deboning the knuckle, making it easy for patrons to eat. The pork knuckle was good, flavorsome enough on its own. In comparison, the spicy tomato dip was lacklustre. It was quite tasteless and served cold, it was an odd contrast with the warm knuckle. I quite like the rice as well. A few days later, a friend confirmed that their beef was very good as well. I will definitely come back and try it next time.

Whole pork knuckle  with rice and crackling.
Whole pork knuckle with rice and crackling.

Dutch Colony Coffee & Co –  After our heavy lunch, we waddled to Dutch Colony for our first caffeine boost of the day. This is my first time here and I must say I like the coffee. My latte was smooth and aromatic, though I could do with a double shot, but that’s just me. Fat Man was unable to resist the lemon cake he saw at the counter. It turned out to be only average, lacking the critrusy tang. Still, he ate most of it. We definitely don’t mind visiting Pasarbella again one of these days, as there are other interesting stalls to try out.


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