Hong Kong: Linguini Fini

IMG_3564[1]Our plans to eat at La Vache! was dashed after we were told that the waiting time was more than an hour. Hungry and tired, we ended up at Linguini Fini instead. The business there was a far cry from the glory days when they just opened a few years back. When we were there after 8 on a Thursday, the place was barely half full. The restaurant has also halved its size and only occupies level 1 at The L Place.

As we were really hungry, we made up our minds quickly and got the LF burger as well as the Picante pizza. The drinks we ordered took quite some time too come. When it finally arrived, it was pitifully small (in those long narrow glasses) and more than half filled with ice. Please, we are already charged a huge premium on our (non-alcoholic) drinks, please be more generous! The pizza was good, mild level of spice with sausages and delicious tomato base. I love the pizza crust with its crisp exterior and chewy interior. The LF burger was quite overpriced as it was really a half deconstructed burger with just patty and bun, and a slice of tomato, onion and lettuce at the side. The mozzarella was an additional HKD 20.  Granted that it was quite yummy with the tomato dip, but at the cost of HKD 188, that’s just too expensive! Especially when it wasn’t very big. Please throw in some fries at least!

The dessert we ordered was chocolate affogato, which was a little too chocolatey for my liking. I definitely prefer a normal affogato, perhaps with chocolate ice cream for a change. The food here is good, but pity it is a little overpriced, considering the portions. Competition in the HK dining scene is tight, perhaps some adjustments in prices may woo diners back…. Just saying!

LF burger
LF burger

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