Singapore: Miam Miam (Westgate)

Miam Miam capellini
Miam Miam capellini

Mouse has finally popped and gave birth to a cute baby boy who coincidentally has the same name as Fat Man’s brother. I made a point to meet up with her before moving to Hong Kong earlier this month. I was supposed to visit her at her place and take a look at baby J as well, but Mouse decided on the last minute to meet up at Westgate instead as she wanted to sneak out for a breath of fresh air. I guess I can understand that, considering her current trauma (ie childbirth) and the 360 degree change in lifestyle after that.

As I was early, I got myself seated at Miam Miam first. There was only a couple of servers in the restaurants so it is quite difficult to get their attention. They seemed more interested in big groups instead of lone diners like me. I finally got to get my iced coffee, which was alright. Mouse arrived shortly, and I suppose she looks slightly better, a little less frumpy. Looking through the menu, we both opted for the signature pasta Miam Miam capellini. As for the dessert, I got the chocolate soufflé made with Valrhona while she got the lava chocolate cake. The pasta was a little odd to me, as I prefer the traditional sauces like tomato or cream. Miam Miam uses a soy sauce (or similar) on the pasta, but at least it came with an onsen egg to add some richness to this otherwise lacklustre pasta. True that it is lighter than usual pasta, but doesn’t make it nicer.

Chocolate souffle
Chocolate soufflé

The chocolate soufflé on the other hand was quite yummy. The tall and wobbly soufflé with extra chocolate sauce was a perfect ending to my meal, but I thought it was slightly expensive, considering its size. The lava cake Mouse ordered was not as good as it was overcooked. It was more like eating a thick chocolate cake. In addition, the ‘gelato’ ice cream they served was more of a soft serve ice cream with too much fake vanilla flavoring. Not something I will order again. Generally, I think the food here is only okay. There is nothing too special that will entice me to come back again, except for the soufflé. Even for that, I can make it myself, so this will probably be the last time I am here.

Chocolate molleaux
Chocolate molleaux

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