Hong Kong: The Salted Pig

Seared tuna salad
Seared tuna salad

I have wanted to try Salted Pig at the L place ever since it opened several years back. However, I never gotten down to do it until a couple of weeks ago. That was when I realized they are no longer at the L place, but have moved to Knutsford Terrace at TST. Deciding to try it out anyway, we booked a table for 2 on a Saturday night. It was a nightmare to park along Kimberly road on a Saturday night, and it took Fat Man a good 20 minutes to secure a spot for the car. When we reached the restaurant, we were warmly greeted and shown to our table quickly.

Roasted chicken risotto
Roasted chicken risotto

For appetizer, we opted for the seared tuna salad. I settled for BBQ ribs while Fat Man got the roast chicken risotto. The salad was quite disappointing as I didn’t really like the dressing. It was a little too sweet for my liking. The portion was also quite small. It was a good thing that the main courses were pretty awesome. Deliciously sticky, my ribs were super tender. The generous slab was enough to share between two. Fat Man pretty much ate 3/4 of my ribs. The consistency of the fries that accompanied the ribs was excellent, except I didn’t like the MSG-laden topping it came with. Personally, I thought Fat Man made a huge mistake to order risotto at a place like Salted Pig when they clearly specialize in all things relating to oink oink. However, I was proven wrong when I took a bite of the risotto. Wow! The risotto was cooked to perfection and the roast chicken shreds compliment the flavors very well. In general, the meal was pretty enjoyable. Service was also efficient and friendly. Will we come back again? You bet!

BBQ ribs with chicken fries
BBQ ribs with chicken fries

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