Hong Kong: 聯發茶餐廳 (Luen Fat Restaurant)

Satay beef with instant noodles
Signature dish here: Satay beef with instant noodles

I am a big fan of Australian Dairy Company in Jordan, as their scrambled eggs are one of the fluffiest I ever had. Eating there also doesn’t cause a dent in my wallet. This shows that good food doesn’t always have to be expensive. When I read in Eat Drink Man Woman magazine that the new cha chaan teng opened in Kowloon City is owned by one of the family members of Australian Dairy Co, I naturally wanted to try it out.

Kowloon City is one of my favourite places for cheap, good and Hong Kong style food. I would think that Luen Fat opened in a pretty apt place. We were lucky to grab the last table available before the lunch crowd came in. Scanning through the limited menu, I went for the satay beef noodles set, which also came with scrambled eggs, ham and a slice of bread. For my drink, I opted for iced lemon honey. Fat Man had the french toast and iced tea. I thought that the drinks were pretty good. My iced lemon honey was sweetened just right and very refreshing on this warm day. The beef slices in the satay beef noodles were fresh instead of the usual frozen ones used. As they were marinated overnight, the satay flavor was distinct and deep. The noodles were slightly on the hard side, as the chef takes in consideration the fact that they will soften by the time the diners have their first couple of bites. In this way, the noodles wouldn’t be too soggy. Very thoughtful indeed! The scrambled eggs here were not as good as the ones found at Australian Diary Co. but they were still quite decent.

Sadly, the french toast was a little disappointing as it was quite thin and too oily for our preference. Definitely not something I will order again. On the whole, this place is quite promising but it is unlikely I will make my way here on purpose just for the satay beef noodles. However, if I happen to drop by Kowloon City, I wouldn’t mind visiting it again.

Their famous scrambled eggs peeking from underneath the picnic ham.
Their famous scrambled eggs peeking from underneath the picnic ham.

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