Singapore: Souper Sarnies

Worst mushroom soup I ever had
Worst mushroom soup I ever had

Been working around Tanjong Pagar the most of my stay here in Singapore, so I have been slowly and steadily trying out the lunch options in this area. I came to Souper Sarnies yesterday against despite hearing D’s comments of this place. I like to believe that the place was empty during noon (despite the neighboring japanese shops having long queues) because it was still new. After trying it, I now think that they are empty because they deserve to be.

Not too sure if they are related to the famous Sarnies in Telok Ayer Street but I highly doubt it. I ordered a chicken avocado panini and topped up $3 to get a soup. The crew took quite a while to get my meal ready and I was surprised to hear the blender whirring. Little did I know that they were in the midst of making my mushroom soup. The soup was literally made of blended mushrooms. It was like eating a mushroom paste. I think they need to realise that there is a difference between mushroom soup and mushroom paste (although the former may also involve blending, depending on recipe.). I also found whole black pepper in the soup. Clearly, the blender did’t manage to crush them properly. I would prefer canned soup any day. Unwrapping my sandwich, I was dismayed to see how tiny it was. At nearly $10, it was a total rip-off. Taste wise, it was okay, though I couldn’t taste the avocado. It came with one miserable slice of lettuce. Talk about being generous. Needless to say, there is no way I will be back again. I rather head to Quiznos or Subway nearby.

Chicken avocado panini
Chicken avocado panini

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