Singapore: Sushi Burrito

Burritos galore!
Burritos galore!

More on lunch bites in Tanjong Pagar area. This time, we tried out Sushi Burrito in 100AM mall. The cheery eatery was packed with people when we came by at around 1PM on a weekday. Doing what most Singaporeans would, the boys hovered around patrons who are finishing up their meals in an attempt to pressure them to get lost (heh). I took charge of queuing up. Judging from the size of the demo half size burrito at the counter, I figured that 1 half size was enough for me, but the staff assured that she could have 3 by herself. Although in doubt, I ordered 2 for myself while the boys had 3 each. The burritos are made upon order so they take a while to be ready.

When the burritos arrived, we quickly snapped pictures gleefully. They are huge, but surprisingly light. It also helped that we got different flavors, so we didn’t get sick of them. The beef one I got was drenched in sauce, making it a little too salty for my liking. I made a mental note to ask for less sauce in future. The salmon one was really good on its own, without the need to dip in soy sauce. D declared the soft shell crab to be the best amongst all. I am definitely coming back to try it. Soon!


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