Singapore: Spring Court Restaurant (詠春园)

In my humble opinion, best yam ring in Singapore~!
In my humble opinion, best yam ring in Singapore~!

Touted as one of the oldest restaurant in Singapore, Spring Court Restaurant is packed with history. To be exact, 85 years of history. My mom told me how this place used to be one of the grandest restaurants in Singapore, where rich people hold their weddings. The restaurant was located at Great World Amusement Park in the 1930s and subsequently moved to its current location in Cross Street, Chinatown. One of their signature dishes was hokkien popiah, which my aunt was a big fan of. Hence, we came by on a Saturday for lunch to satisfy her cravings.

Stepping into the restaurant, it exudes an old world feel, reminding me of traditional Chinese restaurants I visit as a child. As always, I was a little late, so my mom and aunt were already seated. At $7.50 per popiah roll, it must easily be the most expensive in Singapore. However, they are quite large and comes with slices of decent size prawns in them too. Wrapped in just 1 layer of impossibly thin popiah skin, I marvel at their skill and ability to wrap it up without breaking. That is not easy! We wolfed down the popiah quickly, as the vegetables inside will soak the fragile popiah skin, making it break easily.

Traditional Hokkien popiah
Traditional Hokkien popiah

Immediately after the popiah came the star dish – yam ring with prawns. Do not look down on this humble dish, which is often found at a tze char stall. Nowadays, most places will use mass produced yam rings which is often factory made. They are much tougher, due to the higher amount of flour to yam ratio and also denser as a result. I am pretty sure the version here is homemade. It was SO GOOD. The inside of the yam ring was slightly sticky and full of yam flavor. Matched with the light and crisp exterior, I give this dish 110 marks! The prawns nestled in the middle of the ring were excellent too. Fat prawns stir fried with peppers and mushrooms with a sprinkling of cashews. It was a perfect match with the yam ring.

Banana prawn roll
Banana prawn rolls

In addition, we also ordered some dim sum, which were pretty up to standard too. I like the fried banana prawn rolls the most, and thought it was a nice change from the usual mango roll. Last but not least, I got a honeydew sago, which is something rarely seen in chinese restaurants nowadays. I used to like to order it when I was a kid, and it tastes just like the old times. Spring Court is definitely worth coming, for a bit of history and tradition.

Honeydew sago
Honeydew sago

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