Hong Kong: Lof 10 (辦館)

Peeakaboo~ I see you!
Peeakaboo~ I see you!

This is a very long outdated post. Fat Man and I went there quite some time back, but I just didn’t quite get down to writing it up. I have heard of Lof10 a while ago but never had the opportunity to check it out. Decided to make a point and head to Sheung Wan one weekend. It took us a while to find this cafe as even the signboard is quite easy to miss. You can almost that the owners were not keen for more business. Sliding the door open, we were greeted to the sight of a nearly full cafe and some very friendly staff. The only table available was the one facing the counter (and the staff). Though slightly awkward, we took it anyway. It was a pretty warm and humid day, so I opted for an iced americano while Fat Man got an iced latte.

Iced americano
Iced americano

After a couple left, we quickly took the table near the door. In a way, the cafe is sort of half underground. Looking out from the window, we see half of the sloping street. I think the cafe has a very clean and minimalistic design. Our coffee was quite decent. Love the cup designs (as though it was crushed) and the sleek milk container.  We sipped our drinks lazily and spied on people strolling past, discussed whether the person behind the flimsy curtains in the building opposite was a man or a woman (oh yes, we can be quite inquisitive at times). Thoroughly refreshed after our caffeine fix, we headed off in search of the next thing to do on our relaxing Saturday.


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