Hong Kong: 李家Chicken (Wanchai)

Fried chicken in 2 flavors - original and sweet & spicy
Fried chicken in 2 flavors – original and sweet & spicy

Heard of this Korean fried chicken (ie KFC) place ages ago, and my impression is especially deep due to its peculiar name.  The last time we were in Kowloon trying out The Salted Pig, we parked near李家Chicken. The queue was LONG. There was no way we will waste time queuing for KFC (or anything for the matter). Discussing about how we can either drop by real early or real late to beat the peak hour crowds, we put this in our (very long) to-go list and left it aside.

Zooming in to current times, we were around Spicy Under Bridge Crab a couple of weeks back and saw that 李家Chicken has opened a branch a few doors down. The best part is, no queue! This is probably because this place is too new and not much people know about it (yet). We dropped by on a week day night, and the restaurant was barely half filled. We scanned through the somewhat limited menu and decided on just getting the fried chicken and spicy noodles, as the waitress explained that the fried chicken portion is equivalent to 1 whole chicken (?!). I sort of regretted ordering the spicy noodles after seeing it, as it was simply Korean (maybe) spicy instant noodles with egg. I can make that at home with my eyes closed.

Spicy ramen, meh!
Spicy ramen, meh!

The fried chicken finally came, fresh from the fryer. We ordered it in 2 flavors, original and sweet & spicy. I definitely prefer the original flavor as the sweet & spicy sauce was more like those Thai sweet chili sauce. The exterior of the fried chicken was very crispy and the meat still retained its juiciness. On the scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the chicken 8. Sadly, the rest of the items on the menu did not look that appealing and the noodles we ordered were nothing special. Hence, not too sure whether we will come back again, unless we have a huge craving for KFC.


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