Singapore: Al-Azhar Eating House (Bukit Timah)

Mutton murtabak
Mutton murtabak

Al-Azhar Eating House brings back a lot of memories, mostly good ones. I remember the good old days when patrons can smoke at any table, and I will be here with my friend E, chain smoking and nibbling on my prata. Nowadays, this is usually the first stop we make when we arrive in Singapore. After visiting Al-Alzhar several times, Fat Man has become a loyal fan as well.

While they may not make the best prata or roti john in Singapore, their menu wins by having a sheer variety of dishes ranging from the usual roti prata to tandoori, chicken chop to even tze char. Even the number of drinks available is mind boggling. This place is usually bustling with activity at night, as it is a favorite hangout for supper goers. As they are opened 24 hours, it is considered a convenient pit stop after late night movies for people living around the area.

Milo dinosaur
Milo dinosaur

The usual dishes we order includes coin prata with chicken curry, satay and bee hoon goreng. They also do a very decent milo dinosaur. The service here is always friendly, and very efficient (though they may forget orders at busy times). The waiters I see from many years back still remain, making this place very familiar and comfortable to me. I definitely look forward to going back again the next time I go back to Singapore.

Cheese prata
Cheese prata

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