Kuala Lumpur: Ascott Sentral

It has been over a year since I visited KL. Honestly, I don’t miss it as this has never been a city I like or look forward to going. This time, I had to be here for 3 weeks. This must be the longest time I ever stayed in Malaysia in my whole life. Complaints aside, we opted to stay at Ascott Sentral, a newly opened serviced apartment at KL Sentral area as there was some really good promotion rates for its soft opening.

As there are several Ascott properties in KL, do make sure you let the taxi driver know you are heading over to the one in KL Sentral. My poor colleague S was driven to the one near KLCC and had to take another taxi to get to this one. The 1-bedroom Executive was huge (bigger than my apartment in HK), with a proper dining area, living room and work station. The décor had a very homely feel, making me really comfortable. However, this place is not without its problems. The location of this place is pretty remote. The nearest mall is Nu Sentral, but about half the shops are not opened yet. In addition, there are not much eateries around other than a few indian restaurants as KL’s Little India (Brickfields) is just a couple of steps away. Being a serviced apartment, there are also no restaurant facilities, which means that we are forced to walk to the mall for food no matter how late we work.

On my third day of stay in Ascott, the roof of the living room started to leak, resulting in my shoes and bag being soaked. I called the reception urgently but they did not seem to be too surprised with my complaint. The technician only came more than half an hour later to resolve the issue. Needless to say, we moved out after the first week.

Dining area + open kitchen
Dining area + open kitchen
Living area, with a work station at the end
Living area

2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur: Ascott Sentral

    1. Ascott properties are usually pretty good. Perhaps when Nu Sentral mall is fully open it would be better! Still, they need to work on the property to ensure there isn’t anymore leaking!

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