Taipei: L’Idiot Restaurant

Interior of restaurant
Interior of restaurant

Happy 2015 everybody! I know I have been a little tardy in my posts and I am still striving to get rid of my (load of) backlogs. The list is still growing. Argh. Anyhoos, Fat Man and I just got back from Taipei. We ate our way through the 5 days at restaurants, night markets and cafes. There were hits and misses. I swear Fat Man’s pants are tighter than before they left. I even got to travel on Hello Kitty flight back to HK. That’s another story for another day. I start of this year with a review on this very awesome restaurant we went to on our last day in Taipei. It was definitely the best brunch I ever had so far in my life. I am serious. You got to try it.

Josper grilled steak and eggs
Josper grilled steak and eggs

The night before we returned home, Fat Man commented that we haven’t had a proper brunch during this trip. He had a valid point as we mostly went for taiwanese style breakfast in Taipei. Hence, I gave him a few places to pick for our last meal in Taipei. He opted for L’Idiot at Gloria Hotel after seeing the pictures posted by other bloggers. The restaurant interior was quite pretty. Staff were quite attentive and courteous too. As we did not have much time to spare before heading to the airport, we ordered quickly after scanning the menu. When my steak and eggs were served, I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation as I was expecting something more american style. It was interesting to note that the waitress did not ask me how I want my steak to be done but the dish still turned out pretty perfect. The steak was tender and cooked till medium rare. The mash potato was silky smooth and the garlicky pesto was a match in heaven with the eggs. So good.

Fat Man’s steak benny were good too. In fact, he preferred it to my steak and eggs. The hollandaise sauce was light and tangy. Again, the steak were perfectly done. We never thought that a steak benedict would work but L’Idiot certainly proved us wrong! Pity that the accompanying baked potatoes were not that good. They didn’t quite match the dish and were quite hard as well.  However, since the steak benny was so stellar we overlooked the potatoes. We are looking forward to go back the next time  to try out the other items in their extensive menu.

Steak benedict
Steak benedict

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