Hong Kong: Texas Burger

Chicken burger
Chicken burger

We went to the cat shelter on one Saturday and decided to lunch around the area. Spotting Texas Burger just right opposite the shelter, I suggested to go there for a quick bite as I recall seeing many good reviews about this place. Besides, it was always crowded when I walk past. Fat Man readily agreed as he is always up to try new (and good) burger places.

What a terrible choice it was. We were the first customers of the day as the shop just opened for business. However, the staff appeared indifferent to our walking in and showed us to a table without a smile. Scanning at the menu, we were initially confused at the way it was presented. Getting a drink with the burger can cost an extra HKD24??? It was only after taking a closer look then we realize that it will then come with a trio of starters as well (fries, pickle and coleslaw). As we were not too hungry, we decided to just get 2 burgers and 1 set. My grilled lemon tea was served in a mug on a saucer. I failed to understand the reason for that as it nearly toppled over twice because the mug could not sit properly on the tiny saucer. There was nothing special with the lemon tea, and the grilled lemon didn’t add extra flavors.

My chicken burger was quite big and thick, though not in a good way. The bun was dry and hard, though the chicken fillet was well marinated. Due to the size of the burger, it is impossible to have a full bite (i.e. can’t fit the whole burger into my mouth). As a result, eating it became a messy affair as the bun crumbles and fell apart. I didn’t eat much of the bun as it was way too tough. Fat Man’s cheeseburger fared slightly better. Its size was just right so we could get a full bite of everything in one mouthful. However, it was very clear from the taste that the burger patty used was poor quality. This was something so apparent that even the sauce and cheese couldn’t mask. He refused to finish it. The fact that Texas Burger charges slightly under Butchers Club Burger and serves such lousy burgers is appalling. I think Fat Man’s burger alone was HKD93, just HKD7 cheaper than Butchers Club Burger.  Absolute rip off.

As for the sides, the fries were alright, nothing to write home about. The coleslaw was ridiculously small. It was served in such a tiny thing that is even smaller than my gerbil’s food bowl! The pickle wasn’t good either. We left the place dissatisfied and disappointed. Needless to say, this place ain’t getting a return visit from us.

Burger with ridiculously tiny coleslaw pot
Burger with ridiculously tiny coleslaw pot

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Texas Burger

  1. Awww..looks can be deceiving ! Looks yummy though…. i hate all these hipster or yuppie overpriced high expectation decor marketing coolness hype but lack of substance shiet that is populating hk right now. Its just hip pocket abuse. Do it right or give it up to a dai pai dong specialty.

    1. I agree. I don’t understand why so many people raved about this place when the food is totally not up to standard. It’s quite sad that nowadays in hk there are lesser and lesser traditional 茶餐廳 and more of such places.

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