Taipei: 瞞著爹三店

Fatty tuna handroll
Fatty tuna handroll

The name of the shop literally means ‘third shop hidden from Dad’. First, a little history about this shop. The owners were passionate about opening a Japanese restaurant but were worried that their dad would be against it. Hence, they did it secretly, naming the shop瞞著爹一店. Their restaurant became wildly successful so they secretly opened another. By the time they got to this third shop, their dad found out as it was too difficult to keep that many shops under wraps.

I was super excited about visiting this place after seeing so many mouth-watering pictures posted by others. 瞞著爹三店 is predominantly a restaurant specializing in chirashi don (ie sashimi topped rice). The menu also contains several starters such as chawanmushi and hand rolls. Patrons are required to choose their dishes and pay upfront before entering the restaurant. Do note that they only accept cash. I picked one of the deluxe combinations while Fat Man opted for the minced tuna don. In addition, we also got a fatty tuna roll and a snow crab chawanmushi to share.

Snow crab chawanmushi
Snow crab chawanmushi

The Japanese steamed egg custard was the first to arrive. It was such a huge portion, with a whole fat crab leg nestled behind a pile of seaweed on top. I took a bite and found that the egg custard was done just right. The flesh of the crab was sweet and went really well with the egg. We could only manage half the portion as it was way too big. I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for my main course. The fatty tuna roll was really good too, according to Fat Man. Soon, our respective chirashi dons arrived. We dug in eagerly. They tasted as good as they looked generous slices of fish that were super fresh on top of a bed of warm rice. However, we felt that the fish were too lightly seasoned, and had to ask for extra soy sauce. Given the portion and quality of the food here, it was certainly very good value as we paid around SGD 50 for the whole meal. My advice is to come during off peak hours to avoid a long waiting time. This is definitely a must visit for fans of chirashi don when in Taipei!

Deluxe chirashi don
Deluxe chirashi don

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