Taipei: A Poet

Nasty seafood risotto
Nasty seafood risotto

We stumbled upon this wretched restaurant while looking for Les Bebe café. A Poet was situated diagonally across and full of diners during lunch. Assuming that this place must be good, we ditched the initial idea of going to Les Bebe and had lunch in A Poet instead.

We ordered coffee and got a set lunch each, which included a salad and dessert along with a main course of choice. The seafood paella seemed to be a popular choice as this dish was on many tables. I opted for that and Fat Man got a crab meat linguine. My coffee came shortly and I sipped it gratefully, as I have not had my daily intake of caffeine yet. It was quite weak, but I didn’t expect too much as it was just a normal brew. Soon came the salad, which was just normal. Fat Man’s iced latte was nowhere to be seen. Our order of european bread also came, though it was not the crusty type I expected. They were simply soft breads with different flavors.

So called european breads
So called european breads

We asked the sullen waitress for our missing coffee, and she came back with a hot latte. Annoyed, we sent it back. The mains came, but still no coffee to be seen. I took a look at my paella and thought it looked a little undercooked. I gingerly took a bite and confirmed this was the case. In addition, it was quite tasteless too. The worst part was even the seafood were not fresh. I left most of it untouched. Fat Man’s linguine was overly salted and the crab meat were obviously the frozen variety. They were tasteless. Finally, his iced latte came. It was like drinking a coffee flavored milk.

As it was near the end of their lunch shift, the sullen waitress came over to ask if she could clear our dishes since we clearly stopped long ago. Any decent server would have asked whether there was anything wrong with the food since it was mostly uneaten, but nope, it didn’t happen here. Dessert was some tiny piece of cake with banana inside. This was the worst meal I ever had in my life (for now). What’s more, it wasn’t cheap for Taipei standards. The whole meal came up to about SGD 50.  I just can’t believe that there are so many diners happily tucking in. Could it be that Taipei people have no idea that food shouldn’t taste like this?? Whatever it is, we left this place utterly disgusted and still very hungry. Lesson learnt: Never go to a place just because it looks crowded.

Very salty crab linguine
Very salty crab linguine

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