Hong Kong: 源興美食

Roasted goose

Roasted goose

Another outdated post. Met up with DL during his recent work trip to Hong Kong in December. I think the last time I met him was in 2013. Anyway, as he was working in Kowloon, we agreed to meet on his side instead of HK island.

I must admit that ever since I met Fat Man, I kind of lost touch with Kowloon side of things as we pretty much hang out on HK island. I did some research on good places for dinner. Seeing many good reviews for源興美食, I made a reservation and also ordered the dishes at the request of the lady who answered my call. We got slightly lost while looking out for the restaurant. Using GPS, we somehow walked to Shanghai Street instead. After walking in circles twice, we finally found the place we were looking for. The restaurant was filled with customers that were pretty loud. Being a local establishment, don’t expect grand décor or a nice dining environment. Instead, focus more on the quality of the food. We were not disappointed.

Char siew
Char siew

Our goose was roasted upon our arrival and served straight out of the oven. Crisp skin matched with tender goose meat. We were in heaven. We complained that it was almost impossible to find roast goose in Singapore. Why?!! Next came the char siew with a sided of honey soy beans. Although it seemed almost impossible, I actually liked this dish even more than the goose. The char siew was 50% fat and 50% meat. Not the healthiest choice but that’s why it tastes so awesome right?!

The roasted eel was pretty good too but the meat hardens a little when the dish cools. The stir fry vegetables with lup cheong (i.e. preserved chinese sausages) was probably the least interesting dish of the night. I felt it was a little oily too. We managed to finish most of our food and only had a couple of pieces of goose left. Quite a feat, considering there were only two of us.

From my understanding, the curry here is pretty famous as well. For those around the area, would be a good idea to drop by during lunch or dinner to try this place out. Support local establishments to preserve HK traditions!


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