Hong Kong: Carbone

Wagyu carpaccio
Wagyu carpaccio

Another super outdated post so I will keep it short and sweet. Making reservations at Carbone is quite a pain in the ass. I was made to provide my full name, phone number and even email address (?!). I nearly wanted to ask them whether they wanted my ID number as well. I wasn’t sure what the purpose is since they didn’t even send me an email confirmation. But if you can overlook this part (or get someone else to reserve the table), you will be in for a treat at Carbone.

Our wagyu beef carpaccio was very, very good. The presentation itself was pretty grand. Thinly sliced beef covering the whole plate drizzled with truffle oil and a delicate sprinkle of walnuts, this beef was bursting with flavors. In fact, it was by far one of the best I ever had. The roasted octopus and potato salad wasn’t bad either. Fat chunks of grilled octopuses worked surprisingly well with the smoky flavors of potato and peppers.

Veal picante

For main course, we ordered veal picante and spicy vodka rigatoni. The portion of veal was huge (though the price was pretty steep too)! It had a crisp coating of batter and topped with melted parmesan cheese. The veal was very tender too. The spicy vodka rigatoni was also good though I would prefer it more spicy. By the time we finished our main courses, we were pretty full. However, when the staff pushed the dessert tray over, we changed our mind. Who wouldn’t after seeing this?!

Massive dessert tray
Massive dessert tray

After some deliberating, I went for the chocolate cake while Fat Man got the cheesecake. It was one of the best chocolate cake I ever had. Despite being full, I ate the whole cake. It was that good. Due to its prices, we are likely to go back only on special occasions. This is definitely a place worth trying at least once.

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments! Check out places like beef&liberty as well as yardbird. They are my favorites too 🙂

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