Singapore: Gastrosmiths

Crispy chicken bites
Crispy chicken bites

I travelled fairly frequently back to Singapore during Feb / Mar period this year for both work and personal reasons. During one of the weekends, I met up with J to try out Gastrosmiths. This establishment has been around since mid-2014 and caught my attention as it was in the list of restaurants to try in Singapore.

The restaurant was quite full when we arrived so we sat in the outdoor area instead. It was pretty warm to sit outside as the fan wasn’t quite blowing in our direction. Anyway, we pored through the menu and also asked the server for recommendations. In the end, we got some crab bruschetta and fried chicken for sharing, and got a main course each. The crab bruschetta was not bad, a light start topped with lots of crab meat and a hint of yuzu. The crispy chicken bites were freshly fried, but a little on the salty side.

Crabmeat bruschetta
Crabmeat bruschetta

J’s seafood & rice was a disappointment. We were misled by the description in the menu, and thought that it should be a dish of rice topped with seafood. However, what came was more of a seafood porridge. To be perfectly honest, we did not like it.  My Hokubee rib-eye don fared better, with generous amounts tender rib-eye on top of Japanese fried rice. Sadly, the beef suffered the same problem as the chicken bites. It was way too salty for my liking. I couldn’t finish it in the end, even with J’s help.

Salty beef  donburi
Salty beef donburi

For dessert, we got strawberry shortcake. The version here is deconstructed, and beautifully displayed. Visually, I give it full marks. Technically, it is not difficult to make it since the only think you have to make is the sponge cake and (maybe) ice cream. Taste wise, the dessert did not leave a deep impression in us. Not too sure if I would come back again. On the whole, we don’t dislike this place, but there wasn’t a single dish which stood out and makes us want to return again.

Deconstructed strawberry shortcake
Deconstructed strawberry shortcake

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