Seoul: Thanks Nature Cafe

Awesome waffles

When I found out that there was a sheep café in Seoul, I knew I had to visit after seeing pictures of those fluffy sheep. SO CUTE. The café was located in the very vibrant and busy Hongdae University. From my understanding, the sheep are let out of their pen once a day to walk around.

When we went, they were hanging out in their living quarters and having a snack. They didn’t seem too bothered with people taking photos of them and seemed pretty chill. We took a seat and ordered our drinks, plus a waffle to share. Fat Man had a chocolate mint drink that was a pretty vivid green. He didn’t really like it as it was way too sweet (even for him). My coffee was okay. However, the waffle was very good! I declared it a waffle worth coming back for. It was crisp on the outside and fluffy inside.

As for the sheep, they are cute for sure but they are locked up so there aren’t many chances for interaction, unlike a cat café. It does seem quite zen to sit near the sheep pen and gaze at them, but I can maybe do it for 15 minutes max. I would say do come for the waffles and check out the sheep, instead of the other way round.

Stars of the cafe
Stars of the cafe
Sheep pen
Sheep pen

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