Perth: Rottnest Island Sights + Attractions

We were in Perth for a week, during Chinese New Year break to visit my bro and nephew. While Perth may not be considered the most boring place on earth, there is precious little to do with my parents since they are not into cafe hopping or sightseeing. Still, I managed to convince them to head out to Rottnest Island in the blazing heat during our stay.

Rottnest Island can be reached by ferry or helicopter. The weekend tickets can be pretty expensive so it was a good thing I did a google search and found some offer tickets on a Tuesday. I was pretty smug to snag some ferry tickets (inclusive of entrance to the island) at AUD39.90 each. The ferry ride wasn’t too bumpy and fully air conditioned. (I was a little worried beforehand and took some seasick pills.) While it may be a really warm day to head out to the island (40 degrees celsius), the bright sunshine mean that we could take some really nice pictures (no filters!)

Wadjemup Lighthouse
Wadjemup Lighthouse

To start the day off, we went to the visitors’ center and got the all-day bus tickets. The bus route covers all the major attractions on the island and allows visitors to hop on and off at different points, perfect for people do a free and easy tour. Our first stop was to check out Wadjemup Lighthouse. The lighthouse was completed in 1849 and replaced in 1896. It was also Australia’s first lighthouse with rotating beam. There was a guided tour available (for a fee). Visitors are only allowed to enter the lighthouse if they sign up for the tour. We weren’t too interested so we took some photos and left. It should be noted that the buses come every half an hour to 45 minutes, so it is good to plan when you are exploring.

Spotted wild seals frolicking at West End!
Spotted wild seals frolicking at West End!

The cool interior of the bus was certainly welcoming as it was getting unbearably hot as the clock inches towards noon. We got off again in the West End area as the bus driver told us there are seals hanging out in that area. True enough, we saw 15 to 20 of them lazily floating near the rocks. I was really excited as I have never encountered wild seals. After that, we hopped onto the bus and headed back to the main station. Nearing the station, we saw the native inhabitants of this island – quokkas! These little guys are so friendly and ever obliging when we request for quokka selfies.


For lunch, we ended up at Dome Cafe (not much choices around). As it was way too hot, I settled for a chicken salad. We rested abit before taking and round the island ride on the bus. It was a great way to admire the untainted beauty of the island and its beaches, especially when my parents are not keen to walk under the hot sun. By then, it was time to head back to Perth. We hurriedly walked to the terminal and boarded our ferry back. All in all, I think it was a great way to spend the day. If Fat Man comes along next time, we probably will spend a night there and hang out in the beaches. Looking forward to come back again next time when I am in Perth!

Lunch at Dome Cafe
Lunch at Dome Cafe

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